Braille products

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Printing House equipment

Impacto Advanced (no longer available)

Puma VII

Professional Platen Cutter PPC

Pneumatic Punch

Marburger Rotation

Braille Flat Bed Printing Press BFP58

For end users

Mechanical Braille-Typewriters
Tatrapoint Standard
Tatrapoint adaptive
Perkins Brailler Standard

Braille Stenographic Machines (Tape Printers)
Stenographic machine

Electronic Braille Writers
Elotype 5

Electronic Braille Printer
BTec 100
Elotype 5

Software, Programs
RTFC Braille Konverter
RTFC Personal Edition
RTFC Professional

General Aids, Special Appliance
PIAF Heater
Thermoform Brailon Duplicator
TSB Reading Console
TSB Reading Console with lighting
Brailletec Lightbox colored
TSB Lightdesk

Training- and Learning Materials to Brailletec Lightbox and TSB Lightdesk
Training Material American Printing House
DERO CARDS Learning Material

Drawing Instruments
Drawing Boards

Labeling Devices
Braille Labeler BL-1000

Writing Equipment
Plastic braille writing slates

Marburger Braille Sudoku


Braille paper
Plastic foil for writing and vacuum-forming
Drawing films
Graph films
Selfadhesive film
Marburg steno-paper rolls

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