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Puma VII

The Marburg Embossing Machine

On five continents, in over fifty countries of the world, Marburg Embossing Machines are used to create embossed plates for braille printing. The new version of the Marburg embossing machine PUMA VII is equipped with a complete new control system. The new design and development is based on request of our clients and by our long time experience.

For interpoint printing the plate will be turned at the long side. Therefore only two holes are necessary to fix the plate. All formats are defined and managed via the integrated display. The interpoint adjustment is valid for all formats. Therefore all formats can be changed without new adjustment of the machine. The integrated display allows a quick preview of the file. All received files can be stored in the PUMA VII. So you can reemboss them without a connected PC.

The PUMA VII can emboss standard braille formats as well as formats with user- specific character and line spacing. This may help braille-beginners. The menu is multilingual and can be adapted to new languages.


On request, item-No.: 00-55600

Main features:


  • Easy handling by a touch screen-display with multi-language menu
  • Easy integration of new languages
  • Preview of printout with analysis of the document
  • Reception, storage, and printing of files via USB-storage or serial interface
  • Control by DOS driver, RTFC, Duxbury, BrailleGraf
  • Easy to adjust the interpoint
  • Optimized printing
  • Storage of user defined format
  • Online help on display

Technical Data:

  • Embossing speed
  • max. 18 char. / Sec
  • 6 dot braille
  • tactile graphics



  • medium and large print
  • char. per line max. 40 in medium print
  • lines per page max. 32 in medium print
  • char. spacing variable in 0,1 mm steps
  • line spacing variable in 0,1 mm steps
  • free positioning of text in 1 mm steps in char. and line directions

Printing plate size

  • width max. 285 mm
  • height max. 340 mm
  • thickness folded max. 0,6mm
  • maximum printing area 245*325 mm

Printing plate material

  • Zinc 99,9% DIN 1706
  • Aluminium ISO 209-1 Alu 99,0 Cu
  • Plastics

Printing modus

  • forward
  • backward
  • bi-directional
  • double sided


  • via serial interface from PC / notebook
  • USB-storage
  • keyboard

Operating voltage

  • 230 V – other voltages on request
  • power consumption 0,8 KW
  • ambient temperature 0° – 40° C


  • lower frame 120 kg
  • embossing unit 132 kg
  • packing for lower frame 60 kg
  • packing for embossing unit 58 kg

Available Accessories

  • Spare Part Set, complete set for Puma VII, item-No.: EE-15260
  • Pneumatic precision puncher, item-No.: 00-55002
  • TactileView Graphic-software with appropriate die, item-No.: HW-15120

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Professional Platen Cutter PPC

The Professional Platen Cutter PPC was developed for cutting of Aluminium (0-2mm), steel (0-1 mm), plastics (0-5 mm) and even films and artworks.


On request, item-No.: HW-61005

Technical Data:

Platen Cutter PPC

  • Cutting with max. 530 mm
  • Two knifes made of hardened and ground steel
  • Spring loaded built-in clamping unit in the front
  • Transparent cover hood for user safety and visual control
  • Metric edge scales in the front
  • Fully adjustable back stop with metric scale for batch work (0…300 mm)
  • Smallest cutting size (front) 45 mm
  • Durable full steel construction
  • All important parts angular adjustable
  • Simple exchange of blades
  • Adjustable cutting angle
  • Adjustable clearance
  • Sizes (L x H x D): 74 cm x 29 cm x 45 cm
  • Weight: 66 kg

catalog sheet Platen Cutter PPC

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Pneumatic Punch

For punching feed holes on braille plates. Two-hand operation for maxmum safety. Plates are inserted manually into the central insertion slot.


On request, item-No.: 00-55002

Technical Data:


  • max. 10 holing pins
  • pneumatic connection to 6-bar standard line or via compressor
  • compressor connection: 220/240V/50Cy, 16A fuse
  • width 450 mm
  • length 300 mm
  • height 250 mm

Catalog sheet Pneumatic Punch

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Marburg Rotary

Time-saving mass-production of braille periodicals and books, this is the essential feature of the Rotary Printing Press. Up to 28,000 pages/h (approx. 7,000 sheets per hour) can be printed on the machine. The machine uses paper from a roll, simultaneously makes a middle fold in the sheet and cut it off after it has been printed.


on request, item-No.: 00-61000

Technical Data:

  • character size:
    medium print dot spacing 2,5 mm
    large print dot spacing 2,7 mm
  • printing plate size:
    DIN A 4 or
    large format 280*340 mm
  • roll format:
    width up to 560 mm
    diameter up to 780 mm
  • shipping weight 770 kg

catalog sheet Marburg Rotary

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Braille Flat Bed Printing Press BFP58

For embossing braille on paper and cards. In basic configuration for 400 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz; equiped with suction belt feeder, feeding table, printing and delivery station.


On request, item-No.: 00-61006

Technical Data:

Flat-bed Printing Press (BFP58)

  • max. paper format 400 x 580 mm
  • min. paper format 148 x 210 mm
  • max. print area 370 x 560 mm
  • printing pressure max 1,2 MN (120 t)
  • machine output / hour 6000
  • margin for gripper min. 20 mm
  • connected load 10 kW
  • lenght*width*of the machine 2600*1750 mm
  • machine weight 3000 kg

Available Accessories

  • aluminium and zincplates
  • paper

Catalog sheet Flat Bed Printing Press

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