Marburg Braille Sudoku
The Sudoku-game for both blind and sighted people with Braille on the tokens and sheets

The board consists of an aluminium plate and has a magnetic foil attached on one side. That way metallic parts may be fixated easily and you can put a sheet with the Sudoku task on it. The tokens are made of thin metal plates, 18 mm in square, embossed with the numbers 1 to 9 in Braille. They can be placed on the empty fields of the Sudoku sheet and will be attached with the underlying magnetic foil.


75,00 EUR before tax
(80,25 EUR incl. tax)
Item-No.: 00-80000


  • Size: 250 mm x 300 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg

Included in dellivery

  • board with magnetic foil
  • token box and the magnetic pins
  • magnetic pen for removing the tokens
  • token box cover
  • 10 sheets with different Sudoku tasks
  • manual in inkprint
  • manual in braille

Available accessories

  • set of ten sheets for the game with different levels
  • Easy, Item-No.: 00-80002
  • Medium, Item-No.: 00-80003
  • Difficult, Item-No.: 00-80004
  • tokens for replacement, magnetic pin, token box with cover, etc.

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Taptilo is a smart braille learning device that makes braille learning fun and easy!

Braille beginners can learn braille patterns independently with the interactive braille display and audio feedback. Along with the jumbo-sized braille blocks, tactile guidance, and audio guide, braille-beginners can easily follow pre-made curriculums in Taptilo.


1.795,00 EUR before tax
(1.920,65 EUR incl. tax)
Item-No.: HV-55100


  • Size
    • Main Body: 437 x 137 x 55.6 (mm)
    • Block: 33.6 x 56.2 x 16.8 (mm)


  •  Weight
    • Main Body (including all blocks): 3lb / 1.3kg
    • Block (per piece): 0.04lb / 20g

Included in dellivery

  • Taptilo device (includes 9 braille blocks)
  • 1 extra braille block
  • Adaptor and micro USB cable
  • Mini pouch (for accessories)
  • Taptilo case
  • Quick Start Guide