Printing House Equipment

Index BrailleBox V5

The award-winning Braille-Production-Printer
The BrailleBox V5 is a high speed printer for printing Braille documents on single sheet paper. Due to is excellent design it is easy to handle and user-friendly. As multiple winner of famous design awards the BrailleBox is perfect and the smallest and lightest printer available at the moment. It still is very convenient for printing extensive documents and books and assures extraordinary printing quality at a very high speed. This printer is very easy to operate for blinds as well as non-blinds.

The magazine format with recommended paper sizes of A3 or 11×17 inch provides high speed while printing Braille documents on single sheet paper and the automatic organization of the pages ensures immediate printing of Braille books or other large Braille documents.

14.995,00 EUR before tax
(16.044,65 EUR incl. tax)
Item-No.: HW-46600

Improvement / innovations compared to the previous model

  • Wireless internet connection via WLAN
  • Significant higher speed
  • Up to 45% faster than the previous model
  • New, user-friendly control panel
  • Firmware 2.0
  • Only two cables for connection to the main module necessary
  • Bluetooth

Main features

  • 300 CPS
  • 900 A4 pages/hour
  • Printing with mobile devices
  • Easily prints Braille-documents in book layout
  • Multilingual
  • Automatic opening and closing of the collection tray
  • < 45% faster in printing than V4
  • WIFI compatible
  • Supports Index-direct-Braille (idB)
  • Web port for printer setup & support
  • Complete operation with the control panel
  • USB host port (printing from USB storage

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Index FanFold-D V5

The new endless high speed Braille-Printer
FanFold-D V5 is the new high speed Braille printer for endless paper which was invented on the basis of the reliable BrailleBox V5 technology. It combines excellent accuracy of the Braille dots, a very high speed, low maintenance charges and competitive pricing.

The main construction is easy and succinct. The embossment and electronic modules of the BrailleBox, the form feed mechanism of Basic-D and the noise dampening of the Index sound absorbing cabinets were used. This combination of simple principles led to an excellent result: the best and most professional Braille printer for endless paper ever produced.

The FanFold-D V5 will be delivered on a palette and therefore is immediately ready to use.

14.995,00 EUR before tax
(16.044,65 EUR incl. tax)
Item-No.: HW-46700

Main features

  • 1000 pages/hour
  • Low noise level
  • Distance support via internet
  • High-definition tactile graphics
  • Simple local maintainance
  • Intelligent control panel

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Puma VII

The Marburg Embossing Machine
On five continents, in over fifty countries of the world, Marburg Embossing Machines are used to create embossed plates for braille printing. The new version of the Marburg embossing machine PUMA VII is equipped with a completely new control system and an easily updatable software. The new design and development is based on request of our clients and on our long time experience.

For interpoint printing the plate will be turned at the long side and therefore, only two holes are necessary to fix the plate. All formats are defined and managed via the integrated display. The interpoint adjustment is valid for all formats. Due to this, all formats can be changed without new adjustment of the machine. The integrated display shows a quick preview of the file. All received files can be stored in the PUMA VII, so you can emboss them again without a connected PC.

The PUMA VII can emboss standard braille formats as well as formats with user- specific character and line spacing. This may help braille-beginners. The menu is multilingual and can be adapted to new languages.

on request
Item-No.: 00-55700

Technical data

Embossement power

  • max. 18 char./sec
  • 6 dot braille
  • tactile graphics

Braille format

  • medium and large prints
  • char. per line: max. 40 in medium print
  • lines per page: max. 32 in medium print
  • char. spacing: variable in 0,1 mm steps
  • line spacing: variable in 0,1 mm steps
  • free positioning of text in 1 mm steps in char. and line directions

Printing plate size

  • width max. 285 mm
  • height max. 340 mm
  • thickness folded max. 0,6mm
  • maximum printing area 245 x 325 mm

Printing plate material

  • Zinc 99,9% DIN 1706
  • Aluminum ISO 209-1 Alu 99,0 Cu
  • Plastic

Printing modus

  • forward
  • backward
  • bi-directional
  • double sided


  • via serial interface from computer/notebook
  • USB-storage
  • keyboard

Operating voltage

  • 230 V – other voltages on request
  • power consumption 0,8 KW
  • operating temperature 0° – 40° C


  • lower frame 120 kg
  • embossing unit 132 kg
  • packing for lower frame 60 kg
  • packing for embossing unit 58 kg

Main features

  • Easy handling via touch screen-display with a multi-language menu (German, English, French etc.)
  • Easy integration of new languages
  • Preview of printout with analysis of the document
  • Reception, storage, and printing of files via USB-storage or serial interface
  • Control by DOS driver, RTFC, Duxbury, BrailleGraf
  • Easy adjustment of the interpoint
  • Optimized printing
  • Storage of user defined format
  • Online help on display

Available accessories

  • Pneumatic precision puncher for main holes of printing plates, Item-No.: 00-55002
  • TactileView Graphic-software with appropriate stamp, Item-No.: HW-15120

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Professional Plate Cutter PPC

The Professional Plate Cutter PPC was developed for cutting aluminum, zinc and steel sheets as well as plastic foil which are used as a template for Braille printing. These materials are easily cut up to a thickness of 2 mm.

on request
Item-No.: HW-61005

Technical data

  • Cutting width max. 530 mm
  • Two knifes made of hardened and ground steel
  • Spring loaded built-in clamping unit in the front
  • Metric edge scales in the front, tolerance 0.1 mm
  • Fully adjustable back stop with metric scale for batch work, tolerance 0.1 mm
  • Smallest cutting size (front) 45 mm
  • Traveling distance of back angle 0 to 300 m
  • stable full steel construction
  • All angle and measuring items adjustable
  • Simple exchange of blades
  • Adjustable cutting angle
  • Adjustable kerf
  • Size: 74 cm x 29 cm x 45 cm
  • Weight: 66 kg

Available accessories

  • Alternative cutting bars

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Pneumatc Punch

The pneumatic punch is used for punching feed holes on braille plates and has two-hand operation for maximum safety. The plates are inserted manually into the central insertion slot.

on request
Item-No.: 00-55002

Technical data


  • max. 10 hole pins
  • pneumatic connection to 6-bar standard line or via compressor
  • compressor connection: 220/240V/50Cy, 16A fuse
  • width 450 mm
  • length 300 mm
  • height 250 mm

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