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TactiPad Drawing Board
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The TactiPad is a versatile drawing board which enables visually impaired people (VIP) to make a tactile drawing themselves or on which someone can make a drawing for the VIP. These drawings are made with a special embossing technic on a thin sheet of plastic foil on top of a layer of rubber which will be edited with a pen or a different pointy tool. By firmly pressing down on the foil the lines will raise instantly, forming the tactile image. The ergonomic design will ease the handling and makes the drawing much more enjoyable.
The TactiPad has many applications: it is the ideal drawing board for leisure activities, schoolwork or in your professional career.

It is ideal for travelling because the board and its accessories can easily be carried in a case.
You can choose whether you want to make a simple sketch by hand or use the different drawing tools – ruler, set square, protractor and compass – for highly accurate drawings. Eight adjustable buttons and measurement indicators around the drawing surface allow you to accurately fixate the tools while drawing

325,00 EUR before tax
(347,75 EUR incl. tax)
Item-No.: HW-76800

Range of appiclations

  • Enables communication between blind and non-blind people
  • For fun and games as in everyday drawings
  • Keeping track of scores in a game
  • Mounted on the wall as a memo board
  • Doing homework (e.g. maths or geography)
  • Making cards or other crafts
  • Creating pie charts and other diagrams
  • Using or creating a map of your surroundings by carrying it with the shoulder strap

Available accessories

GraphGrid and CircleFrame for even more functionality:

Besides the regular drawing tools, two additional accessories and their accompanying drawing tools have been developed to extend the drawing possibilities on the TactiPad even more.

The GraphGrid is the tactile equivalent of grid paper and uses rubber bands to add a grid to the drawing surface. This can be used for example to create tables, for drawings with repetitive patterns or for graphs and other mathematical drawings. In addition to the GraphGrid base plate and the trigonometry tool, three additional geometry tools are included.

The CircleFrame can be used for great accuracy in circular drawings. Using this drawing tool you can easily create images such as pie charts, the face of a clock or interesting circular patterns and motives.

  • Graph Grid
    Price: 68,00 EUR before tax
    (72,76 EUR incl. tax),
    Item-No. HW-76810
  • CircleFrame
    Price: 68,00 EUR before tax
    (72,76 EUR incl. tax),
    Item-No. HW-76820
  • Additional foil 

Included in delivery

  • TactiPad
  • Drawing tools: ruler, triangle, protractor, compass
  • carrying bag
  • 50 sheets of drawing foil

Available accessories

  • Drawing set including a right-angled triangle, am isoceles triangle, a protactor and a ruler 200 mm,
    22,00 EUR before tax
    (23,54 EUR incl. tax),
    Item-No.: HW-76300
  • Compass,
    9,50 EUR before tax
    (10,17 EUR incl. tax),
    Item-No.: HW-76310
  • Drawing foil, format 27×34 cm, (1 unit, 400 sheets),
    Price per unit:
    61,00 EUR before tax
    (65,27 EUR incl. tax),
    Item-No.: HW-74360
  • Graph films format 27×34 cm, 10 sheets per unit
    6 different variations available
    Price per unit:
    9,00 EUR before tax
    (9,63 EUR incl. tax),
    Item-No.: HW-74361-74371

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