We manufacture signs, films and texts in Braille, optionally with black font. We print your chosen documents (flyers, menus, business cards, TAN lists and much more) with the layout you want.
Please send us your custom text, indicating the extent and quantity. We will be glad to make you an offer.

Printing of transparent self-adhesive film / labels in Braille (with optional black print)

These can be used for example as a label for drugs. Individual sizes – as required – are possible. We print Braille on transparent self-adhesive films which are 0.2 to 0.4 millimeters thick and sufficiently stable. These are particularly suitable for indoors as well as using them as signs to mark packaging (drugs, etc.). We can adjust the films to your needs. Please ask for a non-binding offer.



We manufacture custom sized labels in Braille. These are up to 1 mm thick and made out of anodized aluminum. Due to that they are especially suitable for public access areas (room tags) as well as outdoor signs. Furthermore, custom radii (for handrails), Braille and laser engravings are possible.

Please ask for a not binding quote.


You are interested in our Braille-Labelling? Please contact us. We will be glad to make you an offer.