Vig Keys

Blista Brailletec produces Vig Keys, special keyboards for people with visual impairment. As a base, standard black and light grey models from well-known brands, such as Cherry, are used.


These keyboards can be individually designed for visually impaired users. In comparison to other producers’, our keyboards have large abrasion-proof lettering which isn’t just stuck on but engraved. In doing so, the surface of the individual keys will be recessed and later filled in with a contrasting colour of choice.

A strong contrast and the added recession will help with the orientation in writing. Therefore, every single letter is perfectly recognizable and identifiable by touch. All our keyboards are characterized by high-quality manufacture and their longevity. As every other regular keyboard, they connect with your computer via USB-port, but wireless Bluetooth keyboards are also available.



VIG Keys® Keyboard SD-2822

alternative color schemes
VG-20129 Pad Black – Labeling: White
VG-20130 Pad Black – Labeling: Yellow
VG-20131 Pad Black – Keys/Labeling: Beige/Black
VICM-3000 beige-schwarz DE

VIG Keys® Keyboard VICM-3000

alternative color schemes
VG-20135 Pad Beige – Labeling: Black
VG-20136 Pad Beige – Keys/Labeling: Black/White

Cherry Keyboard G80-3000

alternative color schemes and languages
VG-20139 Pad Black – Labeling: Yellow
VG-20140 Pad Black – Labeling: White
VG-20141 Pad Beige – Labeling: Black

Cherry Slim Line G84-4100

alternative color schemes and languages
VG-20142 Pad Black – Labeling: White
VG-20143 Pad Black – Labeling: Yellow 
VG-20144 Pad Beige – Labeling: Black

Cherry Desktop DW-3000

alternative color schemes
VG-20145 Pad Black – Labeling: White
VG-20146 Pad Black – Labeling: Yellow

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