Braille Printer

BTec 100

Mini Braille printer
BTec 100 is small light-weight and mobile printer for personal and school use and has automatic single-sheet feed. The paper tray which is easily mounted on the printer can use paper widths from A4 to A3 (when vertically inserted). The paper format is automatically detected while being inserted. Additionally, the user can create and freely define as many ASCII braille tables as desired. Included in delivery, there is a stenography translation program containing the BTec 100 drivers which work with all common Microsoft systems.

2.610,00 EUR before tax
(2.792,70 EUR incl. tax)
Item-No.: 00-44100

Technical data

  • up to 44 characters per line
  • printing speed up to 13 characters/sec
  • character space: 6 mm
  • dot space: 2,5 x 2,5 mm
  • paper formats DIN A4, DIN A3, 27 x 34 cm
  • max. paper width: 298 mm
  • paper weights 140 g/m2 – 170 g/m2
  • comes with power adapter (100-240 V, 47-63 Hz)
  • USB port and serial communication cable
  • power consumption approx. 4W idling, 20W in operation
  • weight: 4,5 kg

Main features

  • 6- and 8-dots-braille
  • button to insert/eject paper
  • automatic paper format detection
  • automatic singel sheet feed
  • paper tray for 20 sheets
  • USB and serial port for computer connection
  • internal modular construction allows easy servicing

Included in delivery

  • Braille printer BTec 100
  • Power adapter
  • USB-cable
  • Paper tray
  • Dust protection cover
  • Manual in ink
  • Manual in Braille

Available accessories

  • sound absorbing case, item-No.: HW-78003
  • additional paper tray, item-No.: EE-14978
  • Duxbury Braille Translator, item-No.: HW-15116
  • noise dampening pad, item-No.: HW-78005

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Elotype 5

Electronic Braille writer and Braille printer
The electronic braille writer Elotype 5 is the latest development in the long tradition of producing braille writers in Marburg. The Elotype 5 is an electronic machine in an attractive and ergonomic design with a new synchronous printing and excellent print quality.

2.830,00 EUR before tax
(3.028,10 EUR incl. tax)
Item-No.: 00-58005


The Elotype 5 is an electronic braille writer with an easy-to-use and ergonomic braille keyboard. All functions of an electronic typewriter are available; i.e. tabulator, margin release, variable line spacing. It is also able to write in 6-dots- or 8-dots-Braille and can also be connected with your computer with a terminal program. You’ll be able to write directly on your computer and save your written documents.


Using the attachable USB keyboard it is possible to enter black font in the machine that is embossed directly in Braille. Non-blind people are able to read along due to an integrated display which shows 2 line with 20 characters each.


The Elotype 5 can be switched in one-hand operation and therefore be used with just one hand or even one finger.


Via USB interface the ELOTYPE 5 can be used as a personal braille printer on the computer. Both, single sheets and fanfold peaper (with tractor) are applicable.

Graphic braille printer

The ELOTYPE 5 is able to print drawings very precisely. Graphics can be made by the new Software “TactileView”. After converting the picture into a dot pattern the graphic will be sent via serial cable to the ELOTYPE 5.

Foil printing

Stronger foils can be embossed by multiple strokes. Of course, we also offer usable foils.

Technical data

  • Dot spacing 2,5 mm
  • Character spacing: Standard 6 mm, variable 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 18 mm
  • Line spacing variable: Standard 10 mm, variable 7,5 / 10 / 12,5 mm
  • max. paper width 300 mm
  • printing size: 252 mm = 42 characters
  • Embossing speed ca. 12 characters/sec.
  • max. paper length unbounded
  • Paper max. 160 g/m²
  • Power supply: primary 230 V 50 Hz; secondary 27 V
  • Performance: while usage ca. 20 W, while standby ca. 4 W
  • Size 295 x 440 x 110 mm
  • Weight 4,9 kg
  • USB interface
  • serial interface
  • USB port for keyboard

Main features

  • 6- or 8-dots-Braille input
  • Text printing with RTFC translation program
  • Graphic printing with graphic software ‘TactileView’, compatible with all current Windows versions
  • Black font display on integrated LCD display
  • USB Port
  • Simplified number entry via USB keyboard
  • One-hand-operation possible
  • Using cut sheet and endless paper

Included in delivery

  • Elotype 5
  • power supply
  • dust protecting cover

Available accessories

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