Braille Stenographic Machines

Brailletec Stenomachine

The Braille Stenomachine is the established Marburger Tape Writer and has lightweight and sturdy design. It writes on steno-paper rolls in six-dot braille. The machine has a rectangular compact case due to its front facing pop up lit. The keypad has 6 keys and one space bar. The space bar is adjustable for normal and extended character space.

no longer available
Item-No.: 00-56000

Technical data

  • paper format: 13mm paper tape
  • character spacing: 6,8 mm
  • size (W*D*H): 210*130*70 mm
  • weight: 1,2 kg

Main features

  • 6-dots-Braille
  • Adjustable blank key different character spaces
  • rubber feet for non-slippery use

Included in delivery

  • Brailletec Stenomachine
  • Manual in Inkprint
  • Manual in Braille

Available accessories

  • Marburg steno-paper rolls, unit 1 stick (= 20 rolls), item-No.: HW-74650
  • reading clamps, item-No.: HW-74170
  • paper-rolling apparatus, item-No.: HW-56001
  • carrying case, item-No.: HW-52130

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